Football teams from Edwardsville


Above is a photograph of a team from Edwardsville probably in the 1930’s


The Single men’s Easter club Football team 1914, the photograph looks to be taken on the site of the allotments, it must once have been a football field.

A great Photograph of a Western FC ( Thanks to Michael Davies)

Louise Hopkins supplied the names

Alan Baxter, Lyndon thomas, Michael day, Jeff William’s, Jeff brown Robert Evans, Gerald William’s, Keith Hopkins,

front row Mervyn burnett, Michael hopkins Keith Downs, Merion Evan’s, Paul davies, Clive Williams

The young Western football hopefulls

Back Alan Locke. Mathew townsend. Simon preece Alex thomas dai watkins paul Locke not sure next1 Stephen Phillips Geraint Evans philip turner not sure last 2 in back front James Thomas Andrew Phillips Neil Nelly Willaims  jamie haggett mark Evans dai male gareth Owen craig kiky Kinsey

Simon preece Matthew Townsend Matthew Phillips paul Locke kelly Townsend steve Phillips phillip turner dai male James thomas don’t from left ceri Olsen chris Harrison jamie haggett gary Kinsey mark Evans craig Kinsey, Neil Willaims , Andrew phillips

The Great Western Pool team, Edwardsville

Thirty years ago, around 1980, the district had many pub and club goers who were involved in Pool. The pool tables had been added to the pubs and clubs during the 1970’s and by 1980 there were two powerful, well supported pool leagues in our District, The Merthyr Sunday night Pool league and the Nelson and District Monday night league.

The Nelson and District Pool league once had over 30 teams, 4 divisions and over 200 registered players and some of the best of these played pool for the Western Hotel in Edwardsville.

Thanks to Adrian Evans who still resides in Edwardsville we are able to show some photographs of the Western team from those days way back in the Eighties, there will be some very recognisable names and faces and I hope the pictures bring back memories of those days when Pool was king.



?, Gary Durban (taxi) Gwyn?, Julian Rees, Adrian Evans, Neil Roberts, Allen Thomas

Front row

Taffy? Ron Durban, Maldwyn Evans, Tony Sawday


Ray Asker, Dai Lewis, Steve Kingsley, Neil Roberts, Martin Pritchard (r.i.p) Adrian Evans

Up on the stage at the presentation night, which was held at the old Trelewis Ex-Servicemen’s club were Tony Sawday and Paul Pongo Harris who were on the Pool league committee.



Tony Sawday, Ray Asker, Mike Day, Mark Gordon, Neil Roberts, Adrian Evans


John Morgan,Keith Beefy Hopkins, Mike Hopkins, Gareth Jones,



John Wearn,Keith Hopkins,Rob Evans, Martin Pritchard (R.I.P.) Gareth Jones, Neil Jehu, Mike Day, Dewi dew dew Humphries, Deano


Adrian Evans, Paul Andrews, R Williams, M. Evans, Mike Hopkins, Andrew Lipian


 Adrian Evans and Neil Roberts, another triumph at presentation night