Then and now

This section will be devoted to pictures of then and now. I will look to add photographs of people and places taken in the past and compare them with up dated photographs.

We may see some duplications where I have used the same photographs in their correct section on the site.Paul Hotchkiss and Gary Durban have assisted me by taken modern photographs in order to create this page.Dates are not accurate in some cases just educated guesses

Mackintosh Terrace 1950’s and the old clock bus stop 2018

High Street Trelewis 1950’s maybe and 2018

other side of High street maybe pre war and 2018

Top of high street about 1980 and 2018

Treharris boys club 1990 ish and 2018

Caiach Terrace 1950’s and 2018

Treharris square 1950’s and 2018

Bargoed Tce Treharris 1930’s and 2018

Navi Treharris 1930’s and 2017

St Mathias church Treharris 1930’s and 2018


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Above we see Bill Phillips and his wife When they got married on March 22nd 1952 at St. Mathias Church Treharris and a recent one at their home in Perth Western, Australia.

Edwardsville Baths


The early days (above)


A great amenity for the district 2009


Destroyed for housing,yet to be built 2012

The next images are taken from the top of Penn Street looking across the valley towards Trelewis


Above 1989 (Pic Alan Dale)


Above 2011


Trelewis halt Station 1960

Station in 1963


Former station 2010


Cardiff road /Perrott street, Treharris Junction 2004

Cardiff road /Perrott street Junction 2012


Park Terrace Trelewis 1960’s


Park Terrace Trelewis 2011


Looking towards Glyn Bargoed house 1969

pic one

Looking towards Glyn Bargoed house 2014


Bontnewydd Terrace 1984

treapr 004

Bontnewydd Terrace 2014