Lee Dare is a Treharris lad, who is a professional photographer, please visit his website for more details


Stock photographs for future use mostly 2020 but not all, some are 2019

This page has been created, thanks to Lee agreeing to supply modern day photographs for the website. These photographs will be a resource that can be used and appreciated in the future by visitors to this site, they are new to us at the moment, but time flies by so quickly that they will become history in no time at all.I have added a few of my own or some exceptional ones from other sources but 90% are thanks to Lee.

I also hope that visitors to the site , who were from the district but have now moved away can enjoy seeing our villages as they are at the present time and visitors to the site , who have never been to our district will get a chance to see how lucky we are to live here.

The photographs will all be from the six villages of our District.


Bwl road

Fiddlers Elbow Entrance to Quakers Yard

Tram Road

Looking across to the village from Tynygarreg, Treharris

Quakers Yard/ Pentwyn Dyntir

Ty llwyd Park/Pentwyn road area

Village centre

Glantaff in Autumn

The Glantaff in Spring

The Quakers

Rodericks Terrace side of the village

Mill road and Millbrook estate

There used to be a few more houses here in the 1970’s

Mill Road where old Mill once was on the right

Road closed again 2020 landslip

The old Surgery house top of Mill Road

Heol y Glyn above Mill Road


Entering from the mountain road

Pleasant View

Top club

Station Terrace

Powell Street area

Bottom Bedlinog

Hylton Terrace

Oaklands area

The Recreation ground Rugby football club

Distant views

2000 possibly below?


Area entering the town all directions


Treharris Park

Park Houses area

Cadet Hut Behind Oaklands

Steep Park houses below Twynygarreg and area near Church

Back lanes Park Houses

Twynygarreg & Cilhaul area

Road between Cilhaul and Twynygarreg

Views and walks down from Twynygarreg bus stop

The top square and nearby

Commercial Street and Football field area

Perrott Street and nearby areas

Thomas/Mary/Perrott st Junction

The old Rugby club/Mozels

Behind the old club

John Street/Perrott

The top streets, Forest Road and side roads off them

Williams Terrace

care home

Masonic Temple

Penn and Fell Streets

Pritchard Street and Evan Street area

Long distance views of Treharis

First few taken from around Edwards Terrace top of Quakers Yard

One below by Pongo Harris from Stormtown mountain 2020

Thornwood /Thomas Street area


Tabernacle church all over grown

The Darren is a footpath from the trees linking Thornwood Treharris to Quakers Yard



Bontnewydd Terrace

Captains hill newish houses from Bontnewydd Terrace

Below is a Janice Lane photo of the construction 2010

Ffald Bridge area

Park views 2020

Trelewis old Quarry Pandy fields area


The gap


The last of the three Railway viaducts in Edwardsville