Thanks to William Phillips Australia for this very interesting Annual that talks about the Ocean coal company, one of the companies mines was Deep Navigation and there is quite a lot about the Colliery from 1906.

William Phillips contributes a great deal to this site even though he is an Australian citizen, he still is a valley boy at heart. His grandfather was Colliery manager at this time and Bill wrote me this note

My Grandfather William Phillips Died in 1916 and on the 1911 census he was manager at Deep Navigation and living at Brynawel Mary St. which was the managers house at that time. I don’t know when he started as Manager but going by the South Wales Dairy which I have (which was handed down to me) I would imaging he would have been Manager at that time?
I also remember going to Brynawel with my older brother  (Brunel, who was friendly with Captain Richards son- Harold) They had a swing on the front lawn.
That would have been around 1936-37. ? I don’t know when the managers moved to another residence. (Bargoed House and the Park houses)

Here are the pages of the Annual

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