Treharris Central School 1914

I was fortunate enough to acquire the following photographs of the Treharris Girls School in Perrott Street…they are taken during 1914. I have added two photographs from 2009 to show how the building looks Today. There is a nursery school there now for the very young children of the Town and part of the school buildings have been converted to a Community centre.

I am not sure who had these original photographs but I am grateful to my great uncle Jack Corkrey, now aged 88, for these copies.(Sadly Jack is no longer with us)  I have no idea who the children are or any of their names but no doubt someone will have had family, great grand parents or grandparents who attended the school.


Treharris Girls School 1914

The two pictures above are of the Treharris girls School buliding 2009…now a nursery and Community centre.


Nursery Class 1989-90

The above photo includes my niece Kirsty Lambert and nephew Scott Aldred,also Rachel Thomas, Carly Watkins, Scott Waddington Yorath


Inside the School assembly room 1914



Above are two photographs of the Cookery classes 1914


The Teachers at the Treharris girls school 1914


Standard One 1914


Standard Two 1914


Standard Three A 1914


Standard Three B. 1914


Standard four A 1914


Standard four B 1914


Standard five A 1914


Standard five B 1914


Standard six 1914

The picture below is of Treharris school children around the 1914 period, it is a mixed photograph


The young boys were also well looked after at the school and in 1903 they won a Certificate of merit.

We think the next photos are from 1915


Below we can see pictures of the boys from 1903, doing various activities to do with nature. The first picture is taken at the School with the boys creating a sun dial…The picture sees Edwards Street in the Background.

The pictures that follow are mainly taken at Quakers Yard.


The next three pictures show the lads on the local hill sides learning about nature with their teachers 1903.




The final pictures show the class down on the river Taff in Quakers Yard.In the Background is Woodland cottage on Rodericks farm. To the right is the Quakers Yard Taff Bridge (1891) On some of the pictures you will see three men in a field that is now the site of the Woodlands School which was later opened in 1905. The staff and pupils were observing the whirlpools at Quakers Yard.






Below we see a Treharris infant school photograph dated 1929 (courtesy of Mike Williams)


Paul Roberts provided the photos and notes “Attached says Treharris girls schools, again my grandmother Mary
Elizabeth Edwards is in the picture 2nd left front row, it seems to me
she is about 11 so maybe 1924 for the picture.”

treharris sch 1946

Norman Williams. Born 1936 and lived in 25 Penn Street, Mother Maggie Williams nee Lloyd. Father Griff Williams both worked in Deep Nav. until Norman became a £10 Pom in 1970, he now lives in Australia. He sent me an old school photograph of his last year in Treharris school. Norman is in the middle row 5 from the left.

pics library 005

Front row David Robbins Kay farmer Jennifer Lock Karen Phillips

Glynis belcher Marion Tovey was Williams,  Robert Disson

Below we see the central school mid 1950’s some of the lads are Alan Corkrey, John Wearn, David Price and Norman Lambert


Front row. Marilyn Davies, Carol Dale, Linda Davies, Collette, Linda Moruzzi, Helen Procter, Gaynor Morgan, Carole Blackmore, Kay Francis.
Middle. Mark Strong, Terry Joll, Kevin Jones, David Dallimore, Danny Neville, Terry Chewins
Back row: ?, Peter Arthur, Gary Rosser,?, Lyn Arthur,?, Brian Foster,?,?.

Below we see the Treharris infants again from 1960


Treharris infants 1960
back row: Miss Davies,Stephen Llewelyn, Ivor Wilshire, Wayne Farmer,Graham Morgan, Robert Stevens, G Williams, Stephen Morgan,L Drake, K price, Mr Evans

middle row:

Stephen Carlik, Susan Jones, Gail Williams l Reynolds, Livio Lanzarote, Pamela Moorman,Elizabeth Jones, Lynn Neville,Ian Sellick,

front row:

Linda Davies, Christine Jayne, Barbara newton, b Jones, Carol James, Helen Davies, Glenda Philips, Moira Jones, Eirwen Jones, Gail Robson , Linda Williams 

Above a 1963 class from Linda Jones Mr Roberts and Mr Evans are the teachers and some of the pupils include Linda,Susan Whatmore, Peter Llewyllyn and David Evans

Two 1960’s photos courtesy of Lee Dare from which include  Maureen Herridge (ne O’Neill ) Marion Williams Christopher Griffin in Wheelchair, Dilys Bevan and Rob Disson

Mrs Cuff and her cookery class

1993 Treharris secondary Modern includes Thomas Bounds

Top row right to left, jeff munkley, thomas pounds,glyn Arthur, colin parker, mrs Evans,clive, ian baber and Colin Hunt 

Below we can see a photograph courtesy of Jan Rees (nee Hunt) who now lives in France but she is a Treharris girl from the park,Anne Wheldon (nee Beynon)  names the people in the photograph(1958)


Front row right to left,

Kathy Griffin, Janet Hunt, Sheila Evans?, Christine herbert, Myrtle Ryland, Margaret King, Heddina Jones,Beth Penry, Eirwen Bounds, Pearl Cox, Annette Harries, Verna ? , Shirley ? Mrs Brenda Jones class teacher.

Middle row right to left,

 Mr Evans, Headmaster Sandra Jones, Linda Wallace, Anne Beynon, Roderick Richards, Sharon Luckwell, Richard Morgan, Ruth Howells, Susan Whatmore, Rosanna ?

Top row right to left,

Alan Rees, Andrew Lipian, Nigel Neville, Clive Morris, Adrian Jones, Lyndon Davies, Paul Wilkins, Peter Beasley, ? ?, Steven Morgan, ?? , Robert Williams.

Below we we see two photographs of Treharris school taken in 1958 (courtesy of A Evans.)


Some of the girls included in the photograph are M.James,B Monks, M Edwards,A Frances, B Jones,J Trehearne,A Pickton, D Warren, M Watkins, J Andrews, W Morgan J Powell, B Morgan

Back row Shirley Joll or her sister, ?, Catherine Morrison from John Street, Lauren Jones & Lavinia Barnes from Edward Street


Mavis Jenkins in front of Gillian Frances, Carole and Tina Cox (Twins) from Bryngerwn Ave,


Treharris School Approx 1965

Top row Trevor Jenkins David batman Paul Marshall Philip Neil Alan Lewis Graham Francis Graham Morgan Richard Owen,

middle row Wayne Williams Carlton Arthur Russell Francis Keith Williams, Roger tanner Graham Cox,Russell Francis Robert kedward,

bottom row Christine oleary Gail Robertson gaynor row Alison Lewis Gail robson Moira marshalsea Lynne Thomas Janet munkley and linda Woosnam

Webster street School built in 1906

New Picture (5)

About 1966 includes Margaret Corkrey, Liz Ashman and Rita Cloke in the back row others include Pam Roberts,Glyn Francis, John Watts,Marilyn Baker, Julie Jenkins.Colin Humphries, Philip Griffiths


Class from 1914

Class from 1929 above (photo of Webster Street school class two 1929, thanks to David Beeton who found it in his mother’s collection, she is still alive at 94 in Surrey Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Beeton (nee Hooper)

Below we think maybe 1915 (photo thanks to Paul Roberts)

The above picture we do have some estimates on regarding the year, Paul Roberts who found this photo, writes “my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Roberts nee Edwards was born in 1913 in
Webster Street Treharris, she looks about 10 in the picture so I
estimate date of 1923, she is 5th from left in 4th row.”


Below we see the children from 1945-46 at Webster Street School head teacher was Mr Lewis far left and the teacher was Miss Mabel Jones from Penn Street, Winston Journeaux, Gwyn Rowlands are in the second Row and we think its Carol Picton second front with dark hair (photo found by Lorna Fletcher)

Treharris Webster Street infants 1960
back row: Miss Davies,stephen llewelyn, Ivor wilshire, wayne farmer,graham morgan, robert stevens, g williams, stephen morgan, l drake, k price, Mr Evans middle row: stephen carlik, susan jones, gail williams l reynolds, livio lanzarote, pamela moorman,elizabeth jones, lynne neville,ian sellick, front row:linda davies, christine jayne, barbara newton, b jones, carol james, helen davies, glenda philips, moira jones, eirwen jones, gail robson , linda williams


Above we see Mr Bow and the Webster Street kids from 1957

Headmaster Mr Lewis above possibly early 1940’s?


Harry Secombe making the film Sunstruck in 1971 at Webster Street school