A collection of photographs from the past of Schools and pupils from Nelson


Llancaiach School, Nelson

Llancaich_Junior_School_-_Standard_V_1955-1956 edit

Above we see a Llancaiach school photo from 1955/56 its courtesy of Bob Evans formerly of Nelson who now lives in Somerset

Left to Right

Back Row – Mr Lewis, Maldwyn Matthews, Meirion Davies, Robert Evans,  ??,  ??,  ??, Raymond Davies, Garnet Bisp, Vivian Tuck, Ronald Dicks,  ??,  Nigel Pocock, Beverly Cox, Raymond White, Miss Williams

Mid Row – Gareth Williams, David Langsworthy, Vaughn Williams, Alun Thomas, Terryl Richards, Keith Cullen, Ronald Burfit,  ??,  ??,  Terry Davies, Terry Watkins.

Front Row – Gail Reynolds,  ??,  ??,  ??,  ??,  ??, Constance Price, Meryl Hughes, ??, Marjorie Moss, Ahsford Powel,   ??, Enid Mason

Llancaiach School 1958-59 thanks to Paul Jones

llancaich 1959

Back row L to R : Mr Lewis, Head, Timothy Bell-Langford, Alan Evans, Ronnie Stephens, Phillip Difford, Neil Gray, Terry Hyslop, Brian Prosser

Middle row L To R : Paul Bevan, Eynon Jones, Wayne Finnemore, Paul Jones, Alison Lloyd, Pat North, Lyndsay Nicholas, Robert Whittaker, Neville Davies, Brian Phillips, Mrs Lockyer

Front row L to R : Eirlys Lewis, Jennifer Moss, Rhian Davies, Wendy ?, Susan Vines or Miles?, Lorna Cole, Morian Davies, Jennifer Jones, Patricia Dobson, Dinella Jones


 Includes Lindsay Rees. Bobby Brain ,Alun Bowen

The next four photographs are from former pupil Philip Jones 


Class of 1967 most children aged about 8 or 9

Back Row: Mr Small (Form Teacher), Gareth Jones, ?, ?, Dilwyn John(?), ?, Peter Swales, Philip Jones Mr Brown (Headmaster)
Middle Row: Paul Viles, Brian Paske, Dai Baines, Michael Brain, Peter Lewis, Guy Morgan, Stephen Wardman, Ian Adams, Philip Read, Vernon Jenkins, Christopher Ellis 
Front Row (Seated): Mark ?, Kay Pugh, Carolyn Cummings, Cheryl ?, ?, Susan Davies, Susan Rawlings, ? 
Front Row(Squatting):Kevin Sexton, Kim Pugh, ?, Paul Bancroft

above we see Class of 1968 most children aged 9 or 10

Back Row: Mrs Smith (?) (Form Teacher),Kevin Sexton, ?,
Paul Viles, Vernon Jenkins,  Dilwyn John(?)
Gareth Jones, Christopher Ellis,Kim Pugh, Mr Brown(Headmaster) Middle Row: ?, ?, Peter Swales, Michael Brain, Stephen Wardman, Peter Lewis, Guy Morgan, Brian Paske, Dai Baines, Ian Adams, Philip Jones Front Row (Seated): Mark ?, Susan Rawlings, Cheryl ?, Carolyn Cummings, Susan Davies, Kay Pugh, 


Above we see the class of 1969 all aged 10 or 11

Back Row: Mr Brown (Headmaster), Philip Jones, Gareth Jones, Susan Rawlings, Vernon Jenkins, ?, Kevin Sexton, ? (Form Teacher)
Middle Row: Paul Viles, Dai Baines,
Ian Adams, Stephen Wardman, Peter Lewis, Michael Brain, Guy Morgan, Brian Paske,Philip Read
Front Row (Seated): Paul Bancroft, Kim Pugh, Carolyn Cummings,Cheryl ?, ?, Susan Davies, Kay Pugh, Mark ?, Christopher Ellis
Back Row: Mr Brown (Headmaster), Dilwyn John(?), Philip Jones,Peter Swales, Vernon Jenkins, Gareth Jones , Kim Pugh, ?
 Middle Row:Philip Read,Martin Phillips,Ian Adams, Brian Paske Stephen Wardman, Guy Morgan, Peter Lewis,Dai Baines

Front Row (Seated): ?, Kay Pugh, Susan Davies, Michael Brain, Cheryl ?, Susan Rawlings, Carolyn Cummings
Front Row (Squatting): Mark ?, Kevin Sexton, Christopher Ellis, Paul Bancroft

Pupils of Llancaiach School are pictured below (photos R Amos)


Back Row

Mr Brown(Head) ? Robert Amos, Steve Bulluck, Kevin Walker, Kerry Jones, Kelvyn Riley, Martin Parry(Treharris Chemist)

Middle Row

John Morgan, Steve Harris, Geraint Thomas (Claude) ? Helena Bouse, Kim Phillips, Nicola Jones, Rhian Bowen, Steven Coles ? ?

Front row

Susan Harris, Angela Davidson, Catherine Jackson, Susan Harroad, ? Jane Gale, ?, Elizabeth Williams


? Robert Brown,Lesley C

The next three photos are courstesy of Jayson White early 1870's Llancaiach School Some of the names of the children are Steven Thomas, Ian Davis  Mr Brown headmaster Julie Hibbard Jane Waughington ,Neil Dicks Jayson White Ian white, Andy Williams Glen Yendal

Below we see a picture( courtesy of Jan Gray formerly Palmer) of Llancaiach School in 1956, some of the children include the following, if you can identify more please get in touch.

Gillian Davies, Janet Palmer, Brenda Edwards, Brenda Hislop, Enid Mason, Kathleen Adams, Anne Jones, Georgina Browning, Judith Jones, Ann Penn.  The boys include Colin Bowen, Maldwyn Matthews, Keith Stevens, John Watkins, and Gareth Evans All the Children were from Nelson.


Llanfabon School 1956

Two photographs of Nerlson schoolchildren from 1930’s

Some teachers 1960’s

Llanfabon pupils 1957 (thanks to John Griffiths

Nelson Primary School 1960 (courtesy of Ray Davies)

back left to right- Mrs Lockyear Howard Evans Robert Green Paul Rudge Robert Rees John Matthews David Walters Malcolm Bielecki Christopher Jenkins Malcolm Sims Raymond Davies

Back Row l to r:  Middle Row L to R:  Front Row L to R:      Sitting  L to R:

Mrs Lockyer     Janet Hopkins     Ann Morgan                    Russell Hughes

Howard Evans     Diane Pask      Barbara                             Gerald Richards

Robert Green  Christine Hocking  Sharon Miles            Roger James

Paul Rudge    Susan Williams  Margaret Brooks              Ronnie Powell

Robert Rees       Elizabeth Jones     Maureen Morgan

John Matthews     Karen Ward            Janice Hudd

David Walters          Helen Morgan      Elaine Jones

Malcolm Bielecki              ?                         Teresa Price

Christopher Jenkins    Jean Morgan      Yvonne Jones

Malcolm Sims                 Ann Badham        Wynne James

Raymond Davies              Mair Price                            Pat Edgar

Nelson Infants School below


Below we can see a medallion given to the children of the new infants school, near Bryncelyn, to celebrate the Millennium ( photographs courtesy of the Robert Amos Collection)

nelson_Infants (1)