Bedlinog Secondary School

Bedlinog girls school possibly 1946 (photo Karen Davies)

The Following are photographs from Schools in Bedlinog, if you have any more I can add please get in touch


above is a 1955 photograph featuring Kerry Rosser next to headmaster Gwyniera Parry , Esme Williams, Heather Meaden ,Kathleen Gowen, Mr Rowe


Four great photographs kindly donated by former pupil Dave Herbert

Bedlinog Infants 1956

Bedlinog Infants 1957

Bedlinog Infants 1958

Bedlinog Juniors 1962

Two photographs below from early 1960’s

bed school

bedlinog school

Below we see a class from the early 1960’s


boys-Len Light Dai E Hughes Howard Davies Dai Jones Bernard Evans Paul Dixon ?? Ivor Price Martin Jones Mr Madox Dougie Hughes ?? Dai Hughes Neville Britain Arwel Harris Glen Picket Lewis Jones ??

girlsEirlys Roberts ?? Gaynor Mantle Christine Davies Diane Roberts Alison White Ellen ? ?? ?? ?? Gloria ? Kay Edwards Betty ? Sheila Garbett Teacher ??


Bedlinog Infants School (Ivor Jones)

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Some photos from Ivor Jones from about 1960

Bedlinog Infants approx 1954 Michael Davies (Snowy) first lad in the middle row, wearing glasses.


1950’s Bedlinog Secondary school gymnastic class


Bedlinog School 1965

Back Row

Wayne Powell, ?, Ian Grizeka, Ian Davidson, Gareth Evans, Terry Lewis, Alun Williams, “Slim”, Vince Price

Middle Row

Pamela?, Brenda ?, Brian Hawks,Margaret Jenkins,Julie Wakefield,Jessie (Teacher)

Front Row

Christine Bishop,Jeanette Rees,Susan Davies, Jeanie Carmichael(Vaughan), Alexandria Gerard, ?,?,?,?

Still some names missing, if you can help , please get in Touch.


Back Row

Howard Garbett, John Smerdon, Gary Gibbons, Maldwyn ?, Anthony Nolan, Mostyn Jones,David Farr, Bruce Giles, Maxi Herbert

Front Row

Gwynnie Bridges, J Rees, R.Howells,Jill Howells Val Davies,Mr Mal Rowe (Teacher) Anne Rogers, M Richards, Ann Thomas, Pearl Williams Jill Price

Below is a picture containing the same children as above.


Bedlinog Secondary modern school, Hylton Terrace, Bedlinog.
Year: Around 1956
Back row left to right: Malcolm heath, Freddie Williams, keith collier,
Vivian howells, eryl davies.
2nd row left to right: Mr Fred Evans (Headmaster), douglas neil, Royston
jones, Vincent Hiscock, pamela price, carol Lloyd, unknown, david
Humphries, david webb, Miss Griffiths (teacher)
1st row left to right: Beryl hake, verena greenaway, diane ?, anne
james, Janice evans, rita davies, ruby howells. wendy morrisey, Margaret
morris, marion taylor.
Thanks to Anne James(Roberts) for Identifying them
Paul Roberts, if you read this can you get in touch I can’t e mail you for some reason it keeps bouncing back


Bedlinog Infants many years ago.



Above we see a photo courtesy of Sarah Farr and her family from the 1950’s


Mr Maddocks (teacher) Victor Crumb, Clive Farr,? Mike Chapman,Jimmy Hall,? Land, Roy Jones


Cree Williams, Don Banner,Brian White, Maer Swallow, Kitty West,Pamela Head, Jacky Llewellyn, Ray Philips, Ken Ninnis


Peggy Jones, Pam Thompson, ? Nanette Broomhead, ??Desiree Reese, Ann Mills Betty Morgan


Above we see a photograph of Bedlinog senior School 1958 it came courtesy of  Jan Gray (was Jan Palmer) . Some of the children include

Margaret Havard, Rena Schmezka, Susan Morgan, Margaret Morgan ,  and Janet Palmer…We need help identifying the rest.

1950'S BED

Above we see’Bottom’ Infant School in Bedlinog probably about 1943. Desy Jones, back row with a striped pullover was murdered by EOKA terrorists in Cyprus in 1958


Carwyn Hughes formerly of Bedlinog tells me The last photograph above is of a class at Bedlinog Secondary School early in the 1960s. Girl 5 from the right front row is Nerys Hughes,  my cousin. 

Possibly 1973 Bedlinog Secondry Modern…
Back row Annette Curtis, Wendy Eynon, Ann Davies, Judith Coles, Alison Garner,  Vionia Fleming, Teressa Duggan
Front row Elaine Baylis, Gillian Davies, ? Mrs Thomas the teacher, Sandra Evans Linda Mills ,?

BED JUN 1996

Bedlinog Junior School 1996 ( Courtesy Pam Richardson)

A very old photo of Class 6, 1904

Pupils who attended a Bedlinog School in 1927

Glamorgan county council used to administer the schools in our district, thanks to Carolyn in Merthyr Library; we have found a school register.

The register records the Graig Bedlinog Junior School, Standard One, for the year ending 31st March 1927.The school was at the top of the village.

The following is a list of names and address of the pupils that were in that class.


David Ivor Richards…Fox and Hounds public house

Wilfred Evans …17 Powell Street

Merville Jones…45 High Street

Hubert Howells…46 High Street

Harold Gibbons…16 Woodlands

Allan Gibbons…Hillside

Wyndham Watkins…6 Quarry Row

Glanmor Jones…4 George Street

David Henry Thomas…14 Pleasant View

Gordon Hutchins…28 lower High Street

Ronald Price… 25 Lewis Street

Ronald Moore…6 Edwards Terrace

Thomas Williams…11 Edwards Terrace

Robert Edward Jones…5 Lewis Street

Gwynfor Thomas…9 Mary Street

Richard Ashton…22 Lower High Street

Handel Williams…9 Edwards Terrace

Albert Tossill…Railway Hotel

Meirion Owen…10 Station Terrace

Windsor Thomas…3 Bedlinog Terrace

Willie Mantle…13 Pleasant View

Trevor Evans…1 Prospect House

Willie Claude Parley… Fox and Hounds

Melvyn Griffiths…24 Powell Street.


Muriel Arnold…54 Lower High Street

Nancy Phillips…26 Mount Pleasant

Sarah Elizabeth Morgan …19 Graig Terrace

Carolyn Heath…8 George Street

Nancy Gittins…14 Woodlands

Mary Jones…10 Powell Street

Rebecca Davies 7 Bedlinog Terrace

Phyllis Burnell…3 George Street

Margaret Davies…13 Moriah Street

Sarah Iris Rogers…11 Lewis Street

Annie Llewellyn…17 Bedlinog Terrace

Quennie Narris…16 Edwards Terrace

Quite a lot of familiar Bedlinog family names on the register.