Treharris Clubs
Treharris Legion, and Treharris football club and the New club( also used by Treharris RFC) are now closed also the Dog and Rabbit (now the Treharris workmen’s club) was shut down,but re opened as the Colliers Cwtch. The John Street club and the DanyGraig are still surviving today. The newest club is the small Rugby club erected on the reclaimed colliery site.


Treharris Rugby Club 2016


The Old Dog and Rabbit


Above we see tokens once valid at the club

Two photos above of some of the Dog and Rabbit members


The Dog and Rabbit renamed the Colliers Cwtch 2012


The Colliers Cwtch 2014

The Danygriag club

John Street club

When Shirley and Glyn was Steward and Stewardess of the John Street.

Shirley and Glyn former stewards.


John Street members

The New club also known as Treharris RFC and Mozzels in a poor state

There are fading hopes that this building will again be used in the future. The Old Mozzels, maybe for wedding functions?


In better days a wedding at the New club Marion and Michael Tovey

Rugby club presentation at the club

Bedlinog drinking clubs

Bedlinog Clubs

The ones I could trace were-

British Legion club and Institute, the Square closed

Bedlinog Rugby club the square 

Constitutional Club, Pleasant View 

Workman’s Hall and Institute, Garth Terrace Looks closed

Rugby Club 2020

Bedlinog RFC 2014


Bedlinog Constitutional club

photographs above of the Bedlinog Working mens club




The old Bedlinog Legion


Nelson drinking clubs

There have been a number of licensed clubs in the village over the years including the former Ex Servicemen’s club on Shingrig road and the Social club behind Dynevor Terrace. Both long since closed down. The village still has four clubs open in 2014, which is quite surprising considering the fact that so many pubs and clubs have closed in south Wales over the years

Nelson Rugby club…Nelson Park 01443 450

Balfour Constitutional club, now a private club called Jacobs 17, Wern Crescent, Telephone 01443 450228

The Star Club…Shingrig road… telephone 01443 450858

Whitehall Golf club Telephone, 01443 740245

The Queen of Hearts

Probably the most famous club, known throughout the valleys, was the Queen of Hearts club, on the site of the former Electric Cinema, opposite Nelson Library. It was very popular in the 70’s and everyone from that period will remember going there. Here are some photos of the venue including the day it burned down.



Some of the bar ladies below far left Angela Davies next to her Linda Prosser

Below we have a photo thanks to Angela Davies from 1970’s

Staff at the club including Kerry Williams, Les Miles and Pauline Pope.


I think these are local land ladies on a night out at the club

The bouncers including “tiny” on the right

Tesco advert on side of club

Rear of club 1980 and 2020


Fire destroyed the queen of Hearts forever

q2-300x198 (1)







Nelson Rugby club late 1970’s (Photo Ian Willaims)

Nelson RFC 2000



Rugby club 2015 with extension


The Balfour club in Nelson before sale

The former Balfour club now Jacobs

Whitehall Golf club


Star Club

The original Star club

The Nelson Social club (behind Dynevor Terrace)

Site of the former social club now a private home


Beer Checks once valid at the Social club


 The sign on the original Social club where Barclays bank is

Trelewis Ex-Servicemans club,British legion

There used to be a thriving Ex Servicemen’s social club in the village. It was situated on a road from General and Commercial garage that went up past the War memorial on Captains hill under two railway tunnels and out into Bontnewydd Terrace passing the club which was nestled into the cuttings. The club suffered through a drop in members and needed a lot of repairs in the early 1980’s, however the final blow came when the club burned down later that decade and was never replaced after a problem with insurance monies.

The remains of the burnt down club


Some regulars at the club

Better times at the club


A Miles family wedding at the club 1973


A once valid beer check (Robert Amos)


The officers and volunteers of the British legion in the village used to organise the armistice day march to the memorial statue, close by on Captains hill. These same members were instrumental in raising funds and arranging for the Memorial statue to be moved to a new site in the village, near the Ffaldcaich Inn, in February 2002.

There is a dedicated page about the Ex Servicemen’s club at the top of the website, written by Brian Jones.

Above we see the remains of the demolished club