• The following people have all contributed to the contents of this website, some are no longer with us but fondly remembered.I hope I haven’t missed anyone if I have please drop me a line. You may also be interested in stories about nearby Fochriw written by Ifor Coggan please follow this link


  1. Ashley Bale web designer
  2. Carolyn Jacobs..Merthyr Tydfil Library
  3. Jack Corkrey.R.I.P. Llantwit Major
  4. Des Chapman,R.I.P. High Street, Trelewis
  5. Paul Hotchkiss, Penpedairheol
  6. Alan Williams, John Street, Treharris
  7. Malcolm R.I.P.and Jill Cowles, West view Crescent, Trelewis
  8. Brian Jones,R.I.P. formerly school house Trelewis, now Bedlinog
  9. Richard Lloyd, Nant Gwyn, Trelewis.
  10. Vic Hughes, Field Street, Trelewis
  11. Gary Jones, Field Street, Trelewis.
  12. Robert Amos, High Close, Nelson R.I.P
  13. Iory Jones referee, Trelewis
  14. Roger Vowles Treharris R.I.P
  15. Neil R.I.P.  and Rod Powell Trelewis and Nelson
  16. William Morris author Kent.R.I.P.
  17. Robert Walters, Nelson
  18. Aldo Opel, Canada, formerly of Treharris
  19. Miss Pam Hockin, Bedlinog former teacher at Trelewis.
  20. Bill Phillips Australia formerly of Gresham Place
  21. Tony Evans, Quakers Yard
  22. Richard Williams, Penpedairheol former Railway Terrace lad
  23. Peter James, Bryngerwn Av. Quakers Yard
  24. Jimmy and David Morgan, Trelewis.
  25. Ron Davies (now Portsmouth former Quakers Yard lad)
  26. Lynda and Darren Collins Trelewis and Nelson
  27. Ronald Jack, Vancouver, Canada
  28. Ray Davies Kent once of Nelson
  29. Rosemary D’Souza once of Bedlinog
  30. Daniel Moruzzi Treharris
  31. Adrian Evans Edwardsville
  32. Sarah and Clive Farr Bedlinog
  33. Steve Davidson, Treharris
  34. Leighton Smart Trelewis
  35. Graham Dale Edwardsville
  36. Cyril Hank Jones Nelson Wedding photographer
  37. Michael (milk) Williams R.I.P.
  38. Philip Jones Nelson now lives in Surrey
  39. Lee Dare Photographer Treharris
  40. Dino Spinetti Nelson
  41. Jeremy Swattridge Nelson
  42. Doug Hughes Bedlinog
  43. Kevin Williams Trelewis
  44. Jack Wells
  45. Joan Wiggins
  46. Thomas Williams Treharris
  47. Paul Harris Trelewis
  48. June Morgan Treharris
  49. Susan Rosser
  50. Justin Vaughan
  51. Jonathan Locke sharing Ray Lockes collection
  52. Neil Nelly Williams and the Edwardsville facebook page users
  53. Chris Hoskins and the photos of Nelson past facebook users
  54. Margaret and Brian Hawke Trelewis
  55. Michael Wheeler and Dick Edwards Deep Navigation