Edwardsville Schools

Edwardsville Schools


The Council School in Edwardsville 1913 hit by a Tornado

It seems that before Edwardsville was named it was usually called Quakers Yard, therefore, the name of the large railway station and schools were named after Quakers Yard


Above the school in the 1970s

Above John Lambert and his schoolmates from 1970s

Quakers Yard grammar School was actually on the site of the Primary school in Edwardsville, below is a photograph of the school.


In 1922 Jacob Thomas was appointed first headmaster of the new Quakers Yard grammar school, Treharris, where he remained until his premature retirement owing to ill-health in Aug. 1931.

Below we see the School Hockey team from 1935-36


Above you can see a photograph of the teaching staff at Quakers Yard Grammar School in 1944

The school Blazer badge from 1969

A new school opened in Edwardsville in September 1975 and was built to replace the schools at Webster Street, Treharris Central, Woodlands and Edwardsville itself. The school, although occupying one site consists of two separate schools, junior and infants


The Primary School in 2010