This page will be dedicated to the late Ray Locke, an ardent union man who worked at Deep Navigation. He took most of these pictures on this page around the year 2000 .The park, sometimes known as the Millennium Park was formerly the site of three collieries (Trelewis Drift, Deep Navigation and Taff Merthyr), cover an area of 140 hectares and was the subject of an ambitious land reclamation scheme which transformed the site. Unfortunately Ray passed away in 2004 but we can enjoy the photos he took back then thanks to his son Jonathon who donated the photographs to the web site. To enjoy them even more we think it would be a good idea if people who visit the site try to take photos from the same spots Ray did 20 years ago, share them with us and we can do a now and then comparison.

In Trelewis looking over to Treharris

We will start with photographs that have water in them, The idea of the park was to raise the river back to the surface after many years hidden underground, so lakes were created and a new river bed and water cascade was put where the old Viaduct had stood for over a century.


One above of the photographer who took all these, Ray Locke

Ray inadvertently caught his image in this one so I deliberately left this one in the collection

Sneak one in above found by Lee Dare

The Majority of the next section are on the outskirts mainly but still part of the complex Strting with Penygroes heol on the Trelewis side

Now the border road between Trelewis and Treharris btm Captains Hill

Bottom of Cardiff Road border with Trelewis


Above Ray took a photo in 2000 and below it Lee Dares 2020 version

I think the next section can be called photos with people or things we can recognise Today from 20 years ago when photos were taken

Entrance by Paviliion

“The Egg”

Building the Pavilion


Emily Locke

Brenda Locke

Ray Locke and Emily

Brenda and Emily

new border bridge

View from Bontnewydd Terrace below with two of my own from before and after

Above September 1999



The final ones are spread out throughout the construction mostly taken in the year 2000

Thanks Ray