Trelewis Schools

new school



A new school opened in Trelewis in September 1984. It replaced the old buildings of a separate junior school and infant department. The new primary school is positioned in idyllic surroundings providing safe access well away from the main road. The school is built in the semi- open plan system .Its position is adjacent to Tir-Bach farm and close to the village


Caretakers house at the original school


Rear of Caretakers house 2014 with footbridge to new school


Trelewis infants school 

old canteen trelewis

The old school Canteen



2016 and the school is long gone and now its the home of the Jehovas Witness


2016 Above we see what used to be the Junior school yard 


Wendy Lloyd (rainbow dress) Rita Jones and friends 1946c

The next photograph we have is from around 1960 and the retirement of Mr Tom Jones…he is being presented with what looks like a Transistor radio by Mr Iorwerth Thomas (head teacher) in the canteen of the School..Miss Hopkin, Mrs Owen and Annie Williams are all present.


Below is a Drawing of the school by K Bounds


Trelewis School July 1955

The following photograph was donated to the website Michael Williams of Williams Dairy produce, it shows the children that passed the 11 plus examination in 1955. Sadly some of the people are now longer with us.


Back row left to right

Anne Morris, Carol Harris, Ken Humphries, Norman Williams, Malcolm Bell, Martyn Reynolds, Mike Williams,David Walters, Dennis O’Brien, Linda Jenkins,Carol Williams

Front row left to right

Jayne Griffiths , Adams Jones (head) Jean Bromley, Mrs Owen and Lilian Miles

Trelewis School 1961 

The picture below was taken to celebrate the passing of the 11 plus examinations in 1961.

I attended the same school between 1963-70 and the head teacher was the same Mr Thomas, I also remember Mrs Owen, Miss Hopkin, Mr Mitchell and Mr Huws.


Back Row

Mr Griffiths,Jennifer Jones, Graham Stephens, Barbara Joseph, Gerald Osboune, Barbara Miles,Jeanie Roberts, Mr Thomas (Head)

Front Row

Derek Jenkins, Gordon Powell, Christine Land, Betty Parker, Margaret Davies, ? Mclean, Gaynor Davies, Christine Bishop, Linda Jarrod, Alun Williams (Percy) David Owen


Above we have another 1961 shot of the  Junior School (Photograph courtesy of Pam Hockin…some of the children featured include ;

Graham Harris(Sam), Kevin Williams, Keith Scanlon ,Alan Candy, Elton Powell, Martin Carlick, Jack Pugh,Paul Powell, John and Jimmy Morgan, Susan Bridges , Alison White, Elizabeth Hooker, Wynford and Lyn Jones,John Duggan, Peter Jones,Judith Coles,Eleanor Belton, Sharon James, Kerry Pickett and Paul Smith

teach_3 (1)

Some of the Teachers from 1961

Back row

Nita Pini, Eleanor Pennetti, Haulwyn Griffiths, Ann Williams, Pam Hockin

Front row

P Evans, Mt I Thomas, Tom Jones Mrs Enid Owen


Trelewis Junior School 1965


Trelewis School Team 1965

Mr Huws, and Mr Thomas teachers

Back row

Colin Rogers,Francis Philipson,  Lyn Jones,Lee McKenzie, Dai Clarke, Steven Davies, Stephen Johns, Dai Smith

Front row

Kerry Pickett,Harry Mclean, Teifion Evans, Mark Watts, Wayne Humphries,Derek Davies


Above we have a staff photograph of Trelewis teachers approx 1967


Above we once again see a Staff Photograph from the 1960’s


Above we see a School photograph of a play by the Trelewis pupils probably during 1968( courtesy of Kerry Wilde) The Play was called “A Stranger in no man’s land

Back row

Martin Jones(Fred) Marilyn James,Elizabeth Jones (now Underwood),Jackie Jones,Cathy Clarke,Gaynor Davies, Anita Williams,Graham Rees

Front row

Dawn Collins, Katherine Jones, (now Hammond), Kerry Wilde, Gillian White


Above we see a classic School picture of Trelewis children 1968. I can see myself, Neil Giles, Ian Plant (Fando) Paul Lintern, Pwd, and many faces I used to attend school with.


Above we see another picture of my school mates this time from 1969

Trelewis boys age 11, Football team 1970


Back Row

Robert Bates,Paul Corkrey(me) Neil Giles, Paul Davies,Stephen Cowles,Elfed Robins, Paul W Davies, Philip Lewis.

Front Row

Kevin Stankiewicz,Barrie Lewis, Derek Bates,David Lewis, Anthony Gunning, Philip Anthony, Paul Lintern

Seated at front

Alan McLean  and Haydn Williams


Too many to list in the long school Photograph, Myself and my sister are both in there and many of my friends. Everyone will know someone in the photograph which was taken in 1969.


Trelewis School 1971


Trelewis School 1972


Trelewis School 1973


Can someone identify this picture? It is from the early 1970’s at Trelewis school


 Trelewis School 1974

I cannot identify them all yet but will put some in

Back Row

Paul Wooley

Middle row

Nigel Carter, Fay Giles

Front row

Dawn Cowles,


Some of the people to look out for in the Black and white photograph above.

Back row

Martin Jones, David Jones, Ian Jerimiah (Yoko) Rob Williams(sensen)

Row 4

Dawn Thomas, Dean Parslow

Row 3

David Hughes, Gary Jones (popeye)

Row 2

Hayley Jenkins, Fay Giles

Front row

Lynda Richards, Kev Thomas, Andrew Price, Kevin Jones


Mrs Owen’s class back in 1973,(above) Denise Pope is 3rd from right first row, Nigel Cater is in the middle row and Dean Parslow back row 6th from the left.


Newly formed netball team

Mr Thomas was a very well respected head teacher and when he retired in the mid seventies , the mayor of Merthyr paid a visit



Back Row

C Watson, Dean Summers,, Kerry, Matthew ,Mr Coles 

Middle Row

?, ? Gwillym, Simon Davies,?,?

Front Row

Ian Williams (Beano),Darren Roberts Kerry Hughes, Shaun Emmanuelle, Darren Prosser, Alan Evans

The Two photographs below were both taken in the mid 1970’s not sure of exact years (pictures courtesy of Iris Coxe)


Back row

David Sparling, Kevin Coxe, Colin Price, Mark Morris, Dean Parslow, Ronald Evans, Mark Howard, Dean Fry, Steven Samuel

Middle row David Porter, Keith Davies, Nicola Pemberton, Annette Jones, Janet Morris, Denise Pope, Cheryl Johnson, Peter Bowen, Paul Walters

Front row Eleen Stokes, Leanne Barry, Sian Ford, Claire Rowlands, Rosalind John, Glenda Jones, Paula Giles, Fiona Clarke, Jennifer Hares Photograph taken 1973


Neil Coxe,?? Shane Morgan, Wayne Bridges, Dean Garbett, Wyndom Stokes, Anthony Gwillym


Debbie Rees, ?,Sharon Collins, Carl Ainsbury, Barry Stankowitz, Amanda Gunning, Jean Thomas,Stephanie?


?? Sian Williams, Lynette Wiltshire, Liza Jennings, Andrea Collins, Julie McLean, Karen Davies, Paula Jones


Back Row

Mr Thomas (Head) , Brian Summers, Alan Reid, Shaun Hislop,  David Thomas, Martyn Eynon, Kevin Thomas, Ken Thomas, John Thomas

Middle row

David Hughes R.I.P..Steven Auger, Andrew Giles, Gary Jones

Front row

J Colhoun, C Morgan, ?? Karen Davies, Michelle THomas, Andrea Watkins, Judith Thomas, Lyn Waddingham


Trelewis Teachers 1979


Some of the children above are Jason Gunning, Martin Longford,Karen Davies, Jason Dower, and Malcolm Price 1980’s




Trelewis Teachers 1983 thanks to former teacher at the school Derek Williams



Back Row

Andrew Rees, Danny Jerimiah,Kerry Hughes,Darren Prosser,Paul Edwards, Shaun Emmanuelle,Carl Watson ? Beardsley, Mr Trefor Coles (Teacher)

Front Row

PaulJones, Barrie Bates,Martyn Longford,Malcolm Price,Hadyn Jones (R.I.P) Andrew Evans (Ento) Jason Gunning.

A 7 a side Trelewis school team


Back Row

Jason Garbett, Tommy Gwillym,  Terry Mortimer

Front row

Alan Thomas, David Mitchell, Kevin Jones (capt), Shaun Quinn


Back row

??? Rob Watkins ? David Forrest, Jason Fenn, Adrian Richards(sabre)

Middle row

Miss Hopkin ? Mark Wooley, David Jones, Ashley Davies, Philip Bufton, Hadyn Jones (Kewi), Andrew Bowen Mrs Hart


Some of the names of the children above are…

Back row (Row 7)

Rodney Powell, Popeye, Bug (Lee Beynon), Shaun Hislop

Row 6

Stephen Jones (school house), Andrew Price,?(Prankster), Julie Morris 

Row 5

Liz Anthony, Julie Pope, Martine Hake, Llew Thomas

Row 4

Helen Grifiths, Shirley Melly, Sonia Herbert

Row 3

Lynette Wiltshire, Mr Huws, Mrs Owen, Mrs Morse

Row 2

Debra Howard, Joanne Rogers, Susan Jackson

front row

Adrian Richards(sabre) Ashley Davies, Rob Watkins


Trelewis School 1984


In 1978 the children were given a Centenary mug